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How do I give remote access to my computer?

Last Updated about a month ago

The instructions have been completed on how to give remote access to your local computer. There are pics that show you step by step on how to complete the task.

Step 1. Navigate to Type in the code that your support technician gives you, and type it into the input box. Click on the start download button, and press the keep option, if it prompts you for security.


Step 2. After it downloads and the blue icon appears, click on it to open the application.


Step 3. After the technician establishes connection to your computer, the Windows firewall application might pop up, please click the cancel button.


Step 4. In order for the technician to have administrator rights to your computer, click on the ok button, for them to get remote access to your computer.


Step 5. Click on the yes button to let the administrator have remote access to your computer.


Completed by Mark the Intern

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